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These lush islands lay claim to being the economic powerhouse of the Caribbean. Vast oil and gas reserves have led to a high standard of living, where tourism is not the mainstay of the economy. Indeed, the word tourist is seldom mentioned here; the preference is for the much friendlier visitor. On Trinidad, the best beaches are on the north coast, with peach sand, clean blue-green water, and the forest-covered Northern Range as a backdrop. On Tobago, tourism is much more a part of the island's economy, and you can find excellent resorts and facilities.


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Top Reasons To Go

  1. Carnival Trinidad's Carnival is the Caribbean's biggest and best party, but nightlife is hopping the rest of the year, too.
  2. Bird-Watching Both Trinidad and Tobago are major bird-watching destinations; Trinidad itself has more resident species than any other Caribbean island.
  3. Culture Sharing A melding of many cultures means lively festivals year-round and a fabulous mix of cuisines.
  4. Music The steel pan was invented in Trinidad, and excellent bands play all over the island.

When To Go

When to Go

Trinidad is more of a business destination than a magnet for tourists, so hotel rates (particularly in Port of Spain) are fairly stable year...

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